Sunday, 12 June 2016

On our way to Dreamhack Summer 2016

On our way to Dreamhack Summer 2016 for some streaming thingies with Rauben, Marc and Hexiit. Early morning without coffee to finish some other things at the office and straight to the airport where we learned that the flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm was definitely canceled due to some strikes. Typing this in the train to our final destination as we had to take the train from Copenhagen. 

My first time at Dreamhack was in the winter of 2010 I think where I edited some videos while two others were streaming Counter-Strike 1.6. Then I was promoted to be the guy that fell asleep and flipped the bird to around 1000 viewers live. Well that was back then. I became a professional in not sleeping... 

I am working on a book about e-sports and thought it would be interesting to include a bit of this as I realised at Dreamhack Winter 2012 that e-sports was here to stay. Still a work in progress.

At this point I work as a freelance director, producer and editor for a variety of different projects that are not exclusively game related, but my interest of the whole e-sports culture still intrigues me. The moment I realised e-sports had became a full on business was at a Twitch afterparty at Dreamhack Winter 2012 when I ordered a beer on their tap, but we were already too late to the party. No more free booze for us kids we thought… Withdrawing some cash at the nearest  ATM and back to the party. Ordering and wanting to pay for our whiskeys Justin “TheGunrun” Ignacio shouted in his joyful manner: These guys are drinking on us the whole night! That was the year we did a production of League of Legends with a team of four people, had at some point almost 250.000 concurrent viewers, were DDoSed because one of us had their xfire open (I will not name and shame, but we have a shamepointsystem in place for crewmembers from then on and I probably take second place) and had a dedicated area for people that wanted to watch the League of Legends tournament. To clarify this was before Riot started their own LCS and if you do not know what I am talking about you will get it when you read the rest. I am not the gossip kind of person, but at some point I will throw in the occasional anecdote from my own experience.  

Will fly back on the 22nd of June and have no idea if there is time to write anything the coming week.

Dreamhack Winter 2010
Dreamhack Winter 2010

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